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           Individual Skills Training

Individual Skills Training is one on one development with the player and the coach. We offer the ability to enhance the players skills through multiple drills. Players will become better ball handlers, better shooters, understand passing angles and learn to defend. As players advance they will learn how to read a defense and understand how to position themselves on the court to be successful, both on defense and offense. Through our 60 - 75 minute training sessions players will work hard, gain self-confidence and taste success.

Our coaches will push players past their comfort zone, but at their own personalized pace. We want to motivate players to push themselves from with in while being coached. Teaching a player to be knowledgeable enhances their abilities to understand things on the court faster. This in return transfers back to a quick response to game situations.

Each Player will first be evaluated through a session of tests that shows a demonstration of base fundamental skills. Each player will then build upon their existing base. The Players skills will grow based off of their willingness to work hard. Nothing in life worth having, comes easy. Coaches cannot make players, only show them how to improve. The players will have to do all of the work to improve.

If you have the desire to get faster, stronger and become a more dominate physical player, we also offer training sessions that consist of conditioning through different techniques depending on the players age, knowledge, and physical maturity. There are no refunds.

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All Training goes through our Club Trainer Ladarius Mathis


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