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Colorado Legends Liability Waiver

Parental Consent-

The Law requires that parental permission be obtained for operative procedures on minors. Reading this and agreeing to these terms at the bottom of the registration constitutes as giving permission so that such procedures may be carried out in the event of an emergency without delays to operative procedures. No operation will be performed, except in emergency, without parents being contacted and fully informed. You, the parent guardian of the child listed above, give permission for such diagnostic, therapeutic, and operative procedures as may be deemed necessary for your son/daughter. You hereby state that The Coach Tim Fundamental Basketball Camp/ Legends Basketball Club and their staff are not responsible for any pre-existing injury, recurrence of undisclosed injury or illness, or new injury or illness, or the administration of any medications of the above individual.

Guidelines and Regulations-

* Campers will be expected to be on best behavior at all times.

* Parents or observers will be expected to be on best behavior at all times.

* No cursing or campers will push the curse board.

* The possession or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

* The unlawful possession and/or use of drugs not prescribed by a physician is prohibited.

* Tampering with fire alarms, extinguishers, or other fire safety equipment is prohibited.

* Disorderly conduct that infringes upon the rights, privacy, and health or safety of other campers or is dangerous to property is prohibited.

* Firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, open flames, explosives or highly flammable materials are prohibited.

* Smoking is prohibited.

* Coaches, participants, staff and campers are expected to abide by the facility rules as well.

* Leaving campus for any reason unless given written permission by the camp director and a parent or guardian is prohibited.

* No yelling at the coaches or players or referees.

* Must be on time to each camp. Late arrivals will have to pay to check in themselves to the camp.

* If you have something that is happening or circumstances arise that you cannot make it, you must call Coach Tim directly as soon as you can.

* Any fighting or physical contact not in a basketball manner will result in immediate removal from the camp, NO EXCUSES!!!

* Violation of any of the above stated rules will result in disciplinary action with the possibility of removal from camp with no refund.

The undersigned hereby,

- I agree that prior to participating, if present I will inspect the facilities & equipment, & if I believe anything to be unsafe, will immediately advise my coach or supervisor of such conditions.

- I acknowledge & fully understand that each player is voluntarily participating in activities that involve risk of injury (including catastrophic injury, or death) which might result not only from their own actions, inaction, or negligence, but the actions, inaction, or negligence of others, the rules of play, the conditions of the premises, or any of the equipment used. This includes any risks not reasonably foreseeable to the CLBC.

- I assume all the foregoing risks as a condition of participation & accept personal responsibility for the damages following any such injury.

- I unconditionally release, waive, & consent not to sue the Colorado Legends Basketball Club (CLBC), officers, directors, administrators, agents, coaches, other employees, and volunteers of the CLBC, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, or any other entity affiliated with CLBC, for any & all liability to the undersigned, their heirs & next of kin. This is for any claims or losses on account of injury, including death, or damage to property, while participating in any & all of the CLBC’s official or unofficial activities, events, or competitions.

- I accept responsibility for the coach’s and/or player’s decision to continue participation if suffering from injuries.

- I give permission for medical data to be used anonymously in medical education & published studies of injury statistics & analysis. Consent to use, without compensation, my picture, name, voice or likeness for promotional, television, radio, or film coverage of CLBC events.

Permission to Administer Medical Care,

- By signing this form, you have accepted responsibility for all medical expenses incurred whether or not you are covered by insurance. As the parent/guardian of the participant named above, I request that in my absence, the named player be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for Diagnosis & Treatment.

- In case of injury, accident or illness, I authorize the head coach, any coach, on-site volunteer, medical/first aid staff to provide appropriate medical treatment. If an emergency transport is deemed necessary, I authorize the same to summon an ambulance to transport the player to teh hospital. I request & authorize physicians, athletic trainers, technicians, first aid personnel, nurses, & dentists, to perform any diagnostic, treatment, or operative procedure, & x-rays for the named player.


- I have been given no guarantee as to the results of the examination or treatment. I accept total responsibility and financial obligation for any any and all costs and medical costs of the above named player.

- I have read and understand the above release and grant my permission to administer medical care.


-If a player is not paid in full or current in the payment plan, they may NOT be allowed to travel with the team or play in tournaments.

-There is a (10% of the remaining balance) late fee automatically added to accounts after (7) days of being late and repeats every 7 days after that.  Additionally, they may be dropped from the team and their spot on the team?s roster filled by another player.

-Although parents are welcome to travel with the team, the cost to play for your player will not change. Travel costs are each individual families responsibility. There area occasions when a player may not be able to travel with the team to tournaments as a result of injury, health, discipline, vacation, or parental choice.

-There are NO REFUNDS!

-So that your player and the entire family are aware of the financial sacrifice your family is making, we require that both the Player and the Parent/legal Guardian sign below.

-By signing this agreement, you are committing to pay the full amount of the program selected and its seasons costs.

-The CLBC have many fund-raising opportunities to ease the cost out -of-pocket.

-If you need assistance in this financial commitment, please discuss with Tim Cornelius, Club Director, opportunities to help your situation.

-Payments are due based off of your session(s) selected.

-At any time you stop playing your account still stays active and all payments are still due for the session you are in.

-Late/Unpaid amounts shall have penalties assessed to the account. 

By Signing this form electronically, I agree to the full financial obligations. I understand that this is a binding contract and will be held to the highest level of responsibility. I agree that this electronic signature was done by me and no one else. I agree that this electronic signature is the same as a handwritten signature. I agree and understand the financial obligations and responsibility. I agree to share my personal information with the Colorado Legends staff through this form. I understand that they will not share nor distribute the information to anyone else unless in the result of a collection or legal matter arises with my account. I understand that the Colorado Legends staff will only use my personal information for the purposes of this contract and agree to such use.

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