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We have many players that come through our system and are new to the game of Basketball and need some time to develop their skills. We offer the Training Academy to these players for that reason. The Training Academy is our program that allows players to practice with the a group their grade and/or skill level and work with the coaches for their grade level. This way once they have started to gather and build a strong foundation of skills and fundamentals, they will be familiar with the drills and coaches. Intensity and Discipline in their fundamentals will drive the Training practices.

Practices are based on FOUR core principles. 

1) Fun: The practices should be fun and enjoyable. If the player isn't having fun in what they are doing then our coaches and parents will evaluate what would be best for that individual. There is no point in doing something if your not enjoying it. 

2) Learning: The players will be shown drills in a physical and mental complicity to gain the ultimate amount of growth. Learning will be fun and hard! 

3) Hard-work: Players will be pushed to work hard and give 100% at all times. That is part of their conditioning system along with the practice structure. You can have fun while still working hard! 

4) Competition: Encouraging an atmosphere of hard competition to simulate a game-like level of play. Do this by giving positive feedback and rewarding hard work, while eliminating poor effort or concentration.

Players in the Training Academy will be evaluated monthly by the coaching staff so they can make appropriate adjustments to the players training drills. This will give them the best opportunity to grow as a player and improve their skills. The coaching staff will also evaluate the player on a monthly basis that will be based on their overall growth and readiness for competitive play.

Once the player has reached the point for competitive play the player and their family will be invited to a weekend of games to test the players growth and readiness to play in a game scenario.

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